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Get your Website Analysed by ThinkTanks.

No Website Analyses, means your website is sitting idle just doing nothing.

Does your website sitting idle on the internet, maybe your website is well designed but does it really attracting customers and does it generate few queries? After spending a considerable sum on designing a website for your business, did you expect a few responses from new visitors or do you know how many visits where there on your website? Well its time to get a website ROI Analysis for your website from ThinkTanks, why wait when you have already spent on something you believed that will attract business.

You might be eager to know what ROI analysis consists of, right? Well it has

  • Content analysis of your website in regards to overall goals.
  • Scanning for a dis connectivity between your website and customer needs.
  • Checking for broken links and redirections.
  • Checking for odd contents which dis-interests your customers as well as new visitors.
  • Tracing out visitor’s route on your website and their dropping out reason of interest, explaining why it does not convert to queries.

Overall, it is an analysis of your website, knowing whether it is correctly being setup to target the customers that are to be targeted or not. Even with best design, you need to know whether the website is focused really on what you planned of.

What ThinkTanks can do for you is:

  • We analyse your websites statistics and its traffic(visitor visits) pattern.
  • We analyse the website valued efforts and how its attracting customers.
  • We check the efforts that your website has put on marketing efficiency and effictiveness.
  • Recommendations on overall changes and corrections on your website with a stradegy and tactical marketing.

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