experience of 4675 years in nutshell

A must read for employees and employers who are looking forward smooth journey of their relationship between employees and employers.

Why this

This book contains the experience of 4675 years. In a nutshell 187 professional from various domain of the industries were interviewed by the author eachwith an average work experience of 25 years.Professionals who have served/serving in variousindustries domain like Manufacturing, IT, Aerospace, Professors, Doctors, Service industries, Start-ups, Consulting and Life coaches wereInvolved in the study.

A must read for employees and employers who are looking forward smooth journey of their relationship between employees and employers.

My professional career grew sometime at high speed, sometimes slow due to my personal principles and reporting to a unique 120+ bosses in the past 18 years.

Those were the real fiend on this earth in the corporate world. Past 10 years were really challenging as they kept changing every 3 months.

I could manage them professionally by delivering official assignments but could not satisfy their egos, (it is defined as energy goes zero, and they suck your breath, sweat and tears). Few of them tried to kill me professionally they are now not in the system professionally. Neither they were personally balanced not professionally. I wish them good luck wherever they are enjoying fiefdom, God slew them professionally. Hell, and heaven is here . Self is non -believer of God, now slowly thinking to believe as the best revenge is to forgive others. let them get punish by process of God’s punishment…as the saying what is expected from a person who is already dead from conscience …a bad

boss. L

In the industries reporting structure remains complex either by design or by choice. A will not like b, b will unlike c and c will hate d, finally all laws of science fails here on this earth to create a team work. How complex it is for employees who can felt or experienced it deeply will understand. Often, I have seen CEOs keep on trying to align N-1 level people for a common goal let us work as a team. N here is the CEO/ MD/ Co-Founder /Chairman. Now before going to sleep past several years my eardrum were keeps on vibrating what is this team and team work

Boss wants lul team to perform in full lull & Subordinate wants lul boss to perform lull as perwish, hence this book. It takes you the thoughtful Journey of a human either side of the commanding chair. Book emphasis on what kind of boss and subordinate Professional relationship should be, views are purely personal while keenly observing past 18 years industrial scenario.

Author is an alumnus of IIM Banglore and a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from MDU Rohtak, Haryana. Author has seasoned experience with two-wheeler (Suzuki Motorcycle), four-wheeler (car- Honda Car’s ancillary Hongo) and Six wheelers (Truck-

Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland) manufacturing Auto OEMs and have served functions like, Sourcing and supply chain, new program, parts development, manufacturing, business innovationand quality assurance.

Author spotlight

Author is an Alumnus of IIM Bangalore and Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from MDU Rohtak Haryana.

Author has seasoned experience into Two-Wheeler (Motorcycle), Four-Wheeler (Car) and Six wheelers (Truck) manufacturing Auto OEMs and has served functions like, Sourcing and supply chain, New Program, Parts development, Manufacturing, Business innovation and Quality assurance. 

Jomarji Jast

Readers say

Journey of each professional is linked to the experience  ,  it is a solution book for all problems in the boss and subordinate realtionship

Harish Monga – Retd form Markfed Ferozpur –Punjab

Fantastic Book ever red in my life .A must read for each professional at entry level  , it is applicable for all industries ,  writer has justified 4675 years of experience in a small book.

Hats off to the efforts done .

HOD – Suzuki Motorcycle Gurgaon

Very  nice book , A must read , being a business man I was looking solution to my manpower attrition , now I have  solution in the form of a book 

Dilpreet Singh – Faridabad

A must read for each professional at any age , it is a medicine not a book alone ,  writer has added lot of videos to explain in very iinovative way

Hod of a manufacturing Unit Sunil Shukla – Haridwar

Catching attention by the topic I was impressed ,
I could not resist by reading in a one go. A must read for all professionals irrespective of their job profile , thoughtful written .

Dr. Rajat Sharma – AIIMS Jodhpur

A must read for all people who are in job , especially new comers.

Vivek Mahawar – Plant Head –Mira Industry

I am impressed , I could not resist by reading in a single sitting . A must read for all professionals respective of their job profile , there are 54 videos to enabling the reading of book

Vishal Singhal – Purchase Head

Happy to share my experience . Could not see a better book than this , in my past 20 year of professional journey.

Nitin – Alumnus IIM B

As An avid reader of books , I could read with in a day as the embedded movies with technology . Suggest a must read .

Mayank – Chennai City

Author has penned down his experience and other colleagues in the form of a medicine , a must read

Raman Khanna– Operation head

Thoughtful written by the author , it will surely enable the freshers and experienced people to avoid friction within their job profile .

Sandeep Chandana– Manufacturing Head (Isuzu-SML)

Innovative book , a must read , videos are heart touching and well explained .

Devi Lal – Manager – Mall complex Rudrapur

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